Tamper Evident Stickers

October 20, 2023By Chad Hisey

Equipment upgrades have allowed Kewanna Screen Printing to add security cuts in white vinyl. In turn expanding our line of tamper evident stickers and regulated testing/inspection labels

As old equipment ages, new equipment replaces the old.  With newer equipment and newer technology our cutting capabilities have increased.  We are now able to cut security lines into your white vinyl hydrostatic testing, inspection and 6-year maintenance labels. Of course, tamper evident and void stickers are not limited to fire extinguishers.  They are used in emergency equipment, machinery safety guards and electrical cabinets. In short wherever you wish to prevent tampering.

Security scoring allows us to manufacture tamper evident stickers.  This adds to our offering of void stickers in regulated testing labels.

This now gives you three material options for your mandated testing labels, chrome VOID stickers, white vinyl and tamper evident white vinyl.  These are great for regulated testing labels like hydrostatic testing labels, emergency lighting or maintenance stickers. Of course, some states require the record of certain testing and inspection to be tamper evident while others do not.  Always check with your State’s Fire Marshal office to see what is required in your state.

Are you looking for a more durable tag?

October 14, 2022By Chad Hisey

Durable Plastic Inspection tags


Often times people in the fire extinguisher service business have customers who need extinguishers in places that are not dry.  Whether this means an industrial space or outdoor inspections altogether, there could be other circumstances where paper tags just don't hold up.  Besides water exposure these can include wind, sun exposure.  Moisture can wreck paper, making it soggy.  Wind can tear paper tags and sun exposure will fade inks.

I have heard from customers looking to save some money, request for Tyvek tags which we do not sell.  Still, I have others call in, saying “I tried Tyvek, but it is too flimsy.” All weather yes, Tyvek is great for keeping moisture out of a building. I used to use Tyvek everyday, when I built houses as a general contractor.


Outdoor inspections, especially those on portable fire extinguishers, need a sturdy surface to write on or mark. Durable plastic extinguisher tags like ours are made from 0.023 polyethylene plastic. These thicker plastic tags are water resistant, tear resistant and because they are printed with UV-resistant inks, they are fade resistant. Available in many colors (orange, white, red, gray, yellow, green and blue) we have one that is right for your fire extinguisher inspection job.

We have customers using these plastic inspection tags everywhere!  They endure the cold climate of the Arctic Ocean  in Prudhoe Bay Alaska.  They weather the dry arid climate across California, Arizona and New Mexico.  Up and down the east coast our tags sustain multiple weather events.  Customers in the Gulf Coast love the way our tags hold up.  In fact there are few places in the United States and Canada where our tags are not used year in and year out. In fact we have multiple customers using durable inspection tags on more than just fire extinguishers.  We sell a number for crane inspections, fire suppression, ladder inspections and sprinkler systems to name a few.


While these plastic tags are rigid enough to attach to your fire extinguisher as is. Most customers, do opt for a metal eyelet. Still others, who use our tags in more industrial settings, prefer metal grommets. How are you going to attach your plastic inspection tags to your equipment? There is a growing demand for pre-wired tags. For this we have reached out to a local non-profit organization. Annually they to help us fulfill orders for over thirty thousand tags with a galvanized wire pre-installed. Want to install the wire yourself, we’ll sell you the wires and put them right in the box before shipping it out.


Plastic Inspection Stickers
Weather Proof - Water Proof - Wind Proof

In recent years we have seen in increase in demand for our adhesive-backed vinyl inspection tags.  Our first request was years ago, when we had an extinguisher company supplying extinguishers for use on the railroad.  They loved our plastic tags for outdoor inspections but they couldn't find anything strong enough to withstand the constant motion of a train.  We printed their inspection tag layout on our outdoor grade vinyl and cut it out like we did his tags with rounded corners.  They worked great!

Our plastic extinguisher tags are durable  enough for a simple drilled hole.

Plastic Inspection Tag w/ drilled hole

Some Industrial customers prefer the option of a metal grommet on their plastic inspection tag.

Industrial Crane Inspection Tag with Grommet

The most popular option for our durable plastic extinguisher tag is a metal eyelet.

Plastic Fire Tag with Metal Eyelet

Our plastic tags have the option of having wires included or prewired.

Prewired Plastic Fire Inspection Tag


Whatever your preference, your durable plastic extinguisher tag or inspection stickers order is fully customizable. Be sure to check with your local authority (Fire Marshal) about Layout Options and Specifications of your fire tag. Since we service customers across the nation and throughout Canada as well as print labels for other industries, we can not keep up with all regulations.



Color of Tag

Ink Color

Tag Format/Layout

Extinguisher Type

Type of Inspection

Inclusion of Company Logo with Company information


Printed on One Side or Both

Maybe your needs aren't custom at all, then check out our stock plastic inspection tag. On the other hand maybe your safety tag needs have more to do with safety and less to do with inspection.

We thank you for your interest in our products and look forward to helping you order your durable outdoor tags soon.  If you checked off all of these items and are ready to place your order please start your order online, however you can always call or email to discuss your custom order today.For more articles to aid in your purchasing decision, please check our other blog posts including when to order.

Kewanna Screen Printing
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Stock Safety Decals

June 30, 2017By Chad Hisey

Digital Printing Allows KSPprints.com to Serve Stock Needs of Recycling Equipment Manufacturers

Kewanna Screen Printing produces stock safety decals for those label needs that are not customer specific. These standard stickers are often needed by companies throughout the industry. Traditionally stock products would be screen-printed. Screen printing set up costs spread over a large number of prints, makes printing an individual product small. As a result, the individual cost is minute. Digital technology has came into the picture and revolutionized the printing industry. Due to a large set up cost, screen printing a small quantity is expensive. Hence, spreading these costs over a lesser quantity creates a product with higher cost. However digital printing has minimal set up. Therefore digitally printing a small quantity became cost efficient.

Our most popular screen-printed stock decal (W504F)Previously we kept large numbers of our stock safety decals on the shelf. This makes sense for items we sell tens of thousands of every year, but not for those that sold much less. Vinyl naturally shrinks over time. So after years of sitting on the shelf waiting for orders, those less popular stock would shrink.  In the end you are left with a smaller decal than the backing and adhesive that gums up.

New Technology = New Opportunities

Digital printing allows us to roll out new stock for other industries, because we can print it as we need it. For years, KSP has custom printed labels for the manufacturing industry to label the machinery they sell. For instance those companies who make machinery for recycling.

Wire Recycling Mini-Plant outfitted with custom set of KSP labels. Photo provided by Copper Recovery.

Introducing a webpage that contains specialty stock safety decals particularly for these companies. Because every company and every piece of equipment is unique, there will always be a need for custom labels. With this new webpage we hope to meet some of their needs with less expensive stock. Likewise, we are able to offer more options for cranes. portable restrooms, truck & equipment and solar industries.

Update - 8/13/2021

Digital printing has progressed a long way.  Prices have came down on new machinery and capabilities allow for the use of UV-resistant inks.  That is to say fade resistant inks only available in screen printing previously are now possible with digital printing.  Rather than roll printing, newer equipment can be done on sheets.  This allows us to print some of our more complicated screen jobs with multiple screens digitally.  Thus speeding up production and reducing set up costs.

Machine Starts and Stops Sticker

If you have an idea for new stock products or know of an industry that Kewanna’s durable products would be a good fit, send us an email to info@kspprints.com.


For more articles to aid in your purchasing decision, please check our other blog posts.

Best Merger Decision for Your Small Business

June 26, 2017By Chad Hisey

Merging of Ideas: Mobile Advertising and Do It Yourself

When people think of mergers, they often think of when two giant conglomerates merge together to make a mammoth one, to um… solve a problem. Well here is one that doesn’t involve big business getting bigger, but it could help your small business grow, while saving you some change and solving a problem at the same time. Full vehicle ad wrapsEverybody has seen vehicle graphics like those cars wrapped with a company’s name, pictures of products and where to find them. How could you miss them? Afterall what a great idea!

Mobile Advertising

Advertisers have long known roadways were a great place to get attention. Infact, early advertisers were building billboards along roadsides even before vehicles were motorized. People spend a lot of time on the road, driving to work, to the store, taking their kids to school, etc. What better time to advertise to potential customers than when driving. Vehicle graphics are bringing drivers’ eyes back to the road and are creating great opportunities for companies to reach customers. Granted those one size (entire vehicle) wraps are not for everyone. Some are downright ugly! Large all-encompassing vehicle graphics require professional installation. With professional installation comes a hefty price! What if I told you that vehicle graphics don’t have to be that way?

Do It Yourself

In the last couple of decades there has been a growth in Do-It-Yourself stores, from home improvements to crafts to websites where you can order a meal on-line and have all the ingredients shipped directly to your house for you to make in your kitchen. Don’t forget You Tube, where you can learn how to do anything yourself. When you Do-It-Yourself (DIY) you save money and know exactly what went into making your project/meal complete.

Half Wraps vehicle ads


Merging these two ideas into one solution, will not only increase your brand exposure, but help you save on advertising costs. Enter Halfwraps.com. Halfwraps is DIY vehicle graphics, done professionally. We take your logo/ideas and fit them into a partial wrap that is specifically manufactured for your particular vehicle. Installation videos on our website make the installation a breeze! Why pay a company to wrap your whole vehicle when Halfwraps.com could accomplish the same brand exposure at half the cost?

Find everything you need to keep your company vehicle and employees safe using truck decals while promoting brand

For more information, go to http://www.halfwraps.com or call (800) 348-2454.

For more articles to aid in your purchasing decision, please check our other blog posts.


Why Halfwraps?

February 2, 2017By Chad Hisey

Vehicle wraps are all the rage these days! And why not? Whether commuting to and from work, driving to the store, sporting events, or just taking the kids to school/activities, you spend a tremendous amount of time on the road. Why not transform all this time driving into exposure of your business? Our halfwraps.com uses partial wraps to highlight your brand versus plastering your vehicle with advertising.

Half Wraps vehicle wrapsWhen you advertise on your vehicle, your message is right there for eyes to read. Studies show that depending on how much you drive your wrapped automobile and where you drive it, your brand can make thousands of impressions a day. Whether driving down the highway, maneuvering city streets or parked in a parking lot, put your vehicle to work for you.

Advertising versus Building Brand Awareness

Advertisements are everywhere. Many times you will see a funny commercial (a type of advertisement) and are left wondering what brand is behind it.  This type of advertisement while entertaining makes it hard to drive sales.  Whereas using your logo with relevant information helps to get people familiar with your company.  Brand building is essential in today’s marketplace.  One might consider full vehicle wraps a giant advertisement on your vehicle while partial wraps done right are more focused and help to build brand awareness without drowning it with other information or services that you perform.

Half Wraps vehicle wraps

Great Marketing

What other form of advertising reaches nearly every person in your market? Radio and television ads only reach people who tune into that particular channel. Newspaper and magazine readership is waning in this digital age. Face it, everybody travels whether walking, driving or riding. Everybody has to get to and from work, and buy groceries, etc.

Billboards only reach those who are traveling in a certain direction. If when reading a billboard a person misses part of the message, they will have to wait until the next time they travel that direction. By advertising with vehicle graphics, your message travels with you. There is plenty of time for people to notice and read your information. After all, when driving you are looking at what is directly in front of you, to the side or behind you. Billboards are in the sky (or off to the side) not where your eyes are. Why not put your company name, brand and message right where people can see it, using vehicle graphics?Half Wraps vehicle wraps

Look of Your Vehicle

The drawback of a full vehicle wraps has got to be the ability to identify with your vehicle. After all, when you went shopping for your current vehicle did you tell the salesman you are looking for a Ford F150 or did you say, “I want something with the most surface area for my mobile billboard.”
Or consider the following…

So you are gonna pick up some friends for dinner after work. Do you tell them to look for the silver Camry or green advertisement on wheels?

The point being, we identify with the vehicle we drive. There is a certain characteristic about the automobile that is captivating. When you hide all your vehicle behind a large sign for your business, you lose your identity in a way. Granted you quickly take on a new identity.

Half Wraps vehicle wrapsWhat if you could have an attractive advertisement for your business and preserve the look of your car that is uniquely you? Halfwraps, the idea of of using partial wraps can cover as little or as much of your beautiful
vehicle as you want. Our extremely talented art department will make your logo or message pop on your specific automobile without hiding it.


Half Wraps vehicle wrapsMany people think of wraps being expensive. While it can be expensive to have your (full) wrap professionally installed. It takes a lot of skill and equipment to wrap all the contours of your specific vehicle. With this professional skill comes a hefty price. However, when you use smaller stickers for certain panels or locations on your vehicle and not across many, the level of skill needed isn’t as high. With our detailed installation videos, one can learn to install their own halfwrap. Without the skilled labor, the cost is much less.

Inquire about a halfwrap for your vehicle today!

For more articles to aid in your purchasing decision, please check our other blog posts including this one about installing your own vehicle graphics.

ANSI safety labels brings change to Waste Container Safety

January 12, 2017By Chad Hisey

Before ANSI safety labels, Equipment Safety Decals all looked the same

Prior to ANSI standard Z245.30-2008, all OSHA decals or container safety labels looked the same.  Outside of color and wording nothing was different between a notice sticker and a danger sticker. Those are two totally different ‘warning statements’!  The first discussing property damage or  even keep lids closed to “Hey! If you don’t follow instruction, this equipment could kill you!”  No difference.  This is where ANSI safety labels have changed dumpster decals and equipment safety for the better. In fact ANSI safety labels call for your attention and make you take notice. Is there anything wrong with the old style.  No, this style is still practical for many warnings.


For years, safety labels have looked the same… larger bold declaration at the top and text to fit at the bottom explaining the Caution or Hazard statement. Sure for years, English has been the predominant language in the United States.

Waste container safety labelsBob Dylan said it best, “The Times They Are-A Changin’”.

Just listen anywhere you go, is English the only language you hear? Probably not. Regardless of language, many children and some adults can not read. Should a person not be made aware of potential safety hazards simply because they can not read the Caution / Warning / Danger sign?

Enter ANSI decals from Kewanna Screen Printing

ANSI Container LabelsThe American National Standards Institute (ANSI for short) is a private non-profit organization that works to develop consensus standards across many sectors of the US marketplace and strengthen its position in the global economy. Voluntary conformity of the standardization makes US businesses more competitive while assuring the safety and health of consumers and protection of the environment. (source – ANSI website: About ANSI)

That being said there are two industries KSP serves that use ANSI labels; the Waste & Recycling industry and the Manufacturing industry. For this particular post, we will deal with the needs of Waste Haulers. Let’s look at those headings CAUTION, WARNING, and DANGER.

ANSI Falling Hazard Dumpster DecalCAUTION means if the precaution is not taken, it may cause minor or moderate damage. CAUTION stickers are depicted by a yellow heading and black text.

ANSI Tipping Hazard Dumpster DecalWARNING means if the warning is not heeded, it can cause serious injury or death. WARNING labels are depicted by an orange heading and black type.

ANSI Crush Hazard Sticker for waste container safetyDANGER means if the danger is not avoided, it will cause
death or severe injury. DANGER decals use a Red heading with white wording.

Note the difference between WARNING and DANGER. In the Warning heading serious injury or death could result, while the Danger heading proclaims serious injury or death will occur if precaution is not taken.

So how are ANSI decals for my dumpster different? How do they overcome the language barrier?

First, ANSI equipment safety decals have bold headings that declare either CAUTION, WARNING, or DANGER and have a bright colored background so it is easily seen. The message section of the label is broke into a left and right. On the left side, there is a picture of the hazard being declared along with another statement of declaration to explain the hazard. Remember pictures are worth a thousand words, so the picture clears up any misunderstandings caused by not being able to read or understand the message. The right side simply states the instructions to avoid results of such action.

Are ANSI decals new? Why isn’t everybody using them?

Well, ANSI safety labels are kind of new. Meaning less than 10 years old (at time of original writing, however since not everybody is not doing it, they are still new). The standard for labeling waste containers is dated 2008. Because conformity is strictly voluntary, there is no law stating you have to use these. OSHA labels (think black on yellow vinyl caution stickers) have been around since 1970. Most trash companies, simply do not realize that there is a new standard. Busy keeping their customers satisfied, unless somebody tells them of the benefits, many just keep on using the same dumpster decals they have always used. Besides the ANSI standard does nothing for a notice sticker which deals primarily with policy, local ordinances or property damage.  Therefore this OSHA standard is still viable.

Why should I use ANSI decals on my containers?

They simply keep the public safer. As stated above, pictures are the universal language. The simple drawing of the hazard makes communication of the dangers more easily understood despite language or literacy barriers. The three color (heading, text, and background) help the label stand out from the container and be seen.

Where can I learn more about the ANSI standards for Waste Containers?

You can learn more by reading this article.

To see a short video about the correct placement of ANSI labels and purchase your own KSP ANSI container decals, click here.

For more articles to aid in your purchasing decision, please check our other blog posts.

No Shirts and We Don’t Pick Up Your Trash: Tales from KSP Customer Service

December 26, 2016By Chad Hisey

Our name is Kewanna Screen Printing, true. When most people think of Screen-Printing, they apparently think of screen printed t-shirts. I’m sorry we do not print t-shirts. We do not sell t-shirts. In fact, outside a local sports store, I don’t know who does. As a customer service representative for KSP this is a question I answer three or four times a year. Often in the form of an email, I find people who are attending a trade show or giving lectures who want shirts printed with their message.

-So sorry, I can not help you with that.

At Kewanna Screen Printing, we print industrial decals, labels, plastic tags and verification of service collars and most recently vehicle graphics. Our customers are those companies who work in the safety and service industries as well as manufacturing. Those companies often handle medical or industrial gases, service fire extinguishers, provide trash or recycling services, run portable restroom services, drive trucks and those who make equipment for all of those companies. Not only do we do screen-printing which is cost effective for large quantity orders but we digitally print decals and labels. Digital printing offers the ability to print great detail and offer unlimited colors at a very economical price for smaller quantities.

Oval Custom Portable Restroom Decal

Outside of custom printing, we do print/stock as well as print to order hundreds of standard labels. Another request is brought to us by said standard (stock) labels. One that comes up time to time that leaves me puzzled is from restaurant employees. Typically coming on Monday mornings, I am guessing after a busy weekend, they call to have their trash picked up. Saying things like, “Our dumpster is overflowing, nobody has picked it up.” or “Why didn’t you pick up our trash?”. After conversing with the caller I learn that they got our number off of a label on the dumpster.

We print and sell a quarter million stock dumpster decals every year to dumpster manufacturers and trash companies the like. Each contain our website and phone number. After explaining that we only make the sticker on their dumpster, I am asked, “Do you know how to get a hold of my trash company?”

-If only I did, we sell lots of custom labels to trash companies, with their name and phone number.

What are your custom printing needs? Do you need a weatherproof label, decal or tag? Then we have an answer for you. Traditionally, our labels are printed on a 5-year industrial vinyl and either screen-printed with UV-resistant inks (4 to 5 years until minimally noticeable fading) or digitally printed with outdoor grade inks (2 to 3 years until minimal fading). If you have specific material or tamper resistant needs other materials are available. Our plastic tags and verification of service collars offer weather resistance unlike other options available. Both wind and water-resistant, our 0.023 polyethylene product is easy to write on with a sharpie. Please contact us today!

For more articles to aid in your purchasing decision, please check our other blog posts.

Essential traits in a photo submittal

December 9, 2016By Chad Hisey

Custom Stickers

People are always wanting us to do custom stickers they have seen somewhere. In order for us to do this, it is much easier to see what they have seen. Many times when doing vehicle graphics, because of different models, etc. seeing what we have to work with is important. With today’s technology and availability of a great camera on your cell phone, this is easier than ever.

That being said. Not everyone is a photographer. Every camera is different, but how you take the picture is the most important part. Three important factors; angle, zoom, and lighting will help us see what you want to be printed.

Figure 1A


Always take your picture at a 90-degree angle and the same height (Figure 1A). Taking a picture at any other angle will distort proportions, shapes, and sizes.


Depending on what you are wanting us to see. If they are just custom decals you want us to print, all we really need to see is the label. Zoom in as close as you can to see the label clearly. If there is any fuzziness, back off of the zoom or get closer to what you are photographing.

Still, there are reasons to zoom out past the edges of the label. Perhaps you want a larger label and want us to see the space we have to work with. Maybe there is a boundary that we need to be aware of. Zoom out just enough so we can see it and the label clearly.

In need of a vehicle graphic, send us a picture of the side you are wanting to mount the sticker. Paying close attention to the angle (90 degrees) and zoom to where we can see the whole side just inside the frame. In order to measure up the proportions for your specific vehicle model, having a photo include space outside your specific area will be helpful.


Proper lighting is important for any picture. If it is difficult for you to see the object when you are taking the picture therefore the picture itself will be worse. Try taking the picture outside during the day. The sun is the best light you have! If you have to take the picture inside, make note of the type of lighting. Fluorescent lights make colors appear bluer. While incandescents make colors appear yellow to amber.


When referencing color, photos are all wrong, especially digital ones. What you see on your camera or computer screen, may not reflect what I see. Settings for every computer screen are different. I have two computers on my desk and the colors between the two vary. The best means to match color is to send us a sample of the color or reference a known standard, perhaps a Pantone color or a paint chip. While if you are needing a certain color and have something that matches what you are wanting, for example a printed decal or painted  sample, please send this to us with relevant information, company and contact information.  If you have been working with a sales person, please also include their name.

Kewanna Screen Printing

% Color Match

PO Box 397

Kewanna IN  46939

Make sure we get it right the first time. Figures 2A-2E (below) show both correct and improper camera angle and zoom.

Figure 2A: Blurriness is the result of zooming in too close.
Figure 2B: The wrong angle even at this close distance distorts shapes and proportion.
Figure 2C: Zooming out makes guesswork of wording and images.
Figure 2D: This picture taken at the wrong angle, distorts shapes and sizes.
Figure 2E: Taken at the correct angle and zoom, the only question is how many do you want.


Maybe you need us to print custom stickers you had printed elsewhere. This is totally doable. If so, great news, no photography needed. If you paid somebody to create a label, you paid them for the artwork. Ask to have your artwork. We prefer to have the vector artwork (drawings with detailed math regarding lines, angles, curves, fonts, colors, etc.). These files will be in *.eps, *.cdr, *.ai format. If one of these is not available a good *.pdf file can work. At very worst, a large *.jpg file will allow us to trace the image.

If you are not sure how to get us the required photo or file, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (800) 348-2454 or send an email to info@kspprints.com.

For more articles to aid in your purchasing decision, please check our other blog posts.

Hazardous Waste / Non-Hazardous Waste Labels are Now Available on Our Website

November 1, 2016By Chad Hisey
KSP Prints hazardous waste labels
KSP Prints hazardous waste stickers

Hazardous Waste Decals Available as Stock or Custom

Hazardous Waste Management

You spoke and we listened. For years, customers have searched for these hazardous waste decals and other waste material labels on our website, https://kspprints.com. New items have been added and others regrouped in one place for your viewing. Find them here.

Because of the risks associated with them, proper labeling of hazardous waste is crucial to ensure safe handling, transport, and disposal of these materials. Hence forth, hazardous waste labeling is used to identify and classify potentially dangerous waste materials. Conveying the type of waste inside the containers.  It is important to note, labeling may vary by jurisdiction. Furthermore, the governing entity whether at the local, state and federal level can set the precedent for what is required but also the fine for not complying with regulation. In fact, failure to comply can result significant fines and penalties, putting themselves at risk during inspections. Therefore, you might want to check with your regulating authority to ensure proper accordance to mandates. By labeling hazardous waste correctly, companies can avoid costly fines and/or shutdowns, and ensure the safety of their employees and the environment.

Benefits of proper labeling

Proper labeling of hazardous waste materials is one of the most important activities for a compliant waste management regime. Labels are crucial for maintaining safe operations. Thus, notifying personnel of the dangers involved in dealing with a material.  Even ensuring your waste management provider is able to handle each material appropriately. In addition, proper labeling can help to minimize the risk of exposure to hazardous substances and ensure that the waste is handled and disposed of correctly.

Hazardous waste stickers help to identify the waste, keep them in their separate stream and keep people and the environment safe. As with cylinder gases, GHS symbol stickers can help to identify classes of chemicals or wastes. As with all stock decals, labels and stickers your order will be ready for shipping in approximately 5 to 7 business days. Don’t see what you are looking for? Check out our custom stickers page or give us a call! Thank you for your business!


KSP Prints hazardous waste decals

non hazardous waste decals

Non Hazardous Waste Label