Custom Stickers

Companies come to us all the time for their custom vinyl decal needs. Custom stickers mean different things to different industries. For instance, if you own a waste company, a dumpster sticker promoting your business or phone number is important, but telling people what can or cannot be placed in the container is important too.  Custom industrial decals for example can include safety labels for the equipment or machinery you manufacture.  Above all custom branding including your company logo helps people identify your work. We only use the best materials and inks. As a result, this allows us to create custom vinyl decals specific to your needs that will hold up for years to come. Moreover, our materials hold up in hot and cold environments as well as wet and dry climates.

 Logo Stickers

Many of our customers will want their company logo to appear on their product or equipment, and why not?  A company logo is the first contact potential customers have with your company or brand. Consequently, this custom branding is something we do every day. It helps people recognize your business's products or services.  That is to say a logo tells something about your company.  Moreover, it is important to use it wherever your company name is used to help people remember your brand. The possibilities are endless, however here are a few of our requests.

  • waste container decals promoting your company
  • portable restroom decals
  • vehicle graphics
  • labels on machinery
  • gas cylinder labels
  • extinguisher classification stickers
  • Inspections labels

Whatever your custom sticker needs, upload your company logo in our form below.  Because what good is a custom label if it doesn't relate people to your brand. If you have worked with a professional to come up with a logo for your company, you should have your artwork.  Click here for learning how to find the best file to send us or tips in photographing something that has already been printed.

Other Custom Decals

Let's not forget those other needs for custom vinyl decals.  For instance, just because something has been said, it doesn't mean it was said best.  Many times companies will reach out to us because their decal needs are different than stock offerings.  Whether it is custom equipment they manufacture requiring different safety guidelines or just a different material that they are recycling that we don't have a stock label for.  In short, whatever you want to say can be said with custom stickers.

Most importantly you will find links to our industry stock pages at the bottom of the page.  Why try to reinvent the wheel for something we already make for your industry.  We hope that you will consider us for both your stock and custom needs. To clarify here are some ideas for custom stickers in your particular field. For example, Some ideas for custom vinyl stickers could include the following.

Fire Safety

Custom Six-Year Maintenance Label

Fire extinguisher service companies require customized tags for inspecting their equipment, these include both plastic and vinyl inspection tags, these are great for extinguishers on moving vehicles.  We also print testing labels for extinguishers other than our standard custom hydrotest and maintenance stickersClassification stickers help identify what extinguisher to use for different fires.  Many times, a stock class sticker will work however we do offer customizable classification stickers, for instance this custom class A sticker. Meanwhile some companies add their custom branding and contact information at the bottom of extinguisher locator signs.  Customization works for many labels but other times our stock fire extinguisher products will suffice.

Custom Company Logo Decals

Waste & Recycling

Certainly there are opportunities for trash haulers to create a custom sticker by adding their company logo with phone numbers on dumpster labels to both garner new business and service existing customers at the same time. Because recycling varies by market, what is commonly recycled across the country, may not cover everything you recycle.  Therefore contact us for custom bin labels.  Dumpster manufacturers are making custom products that might have different safety guidelines, we print tens of thousands of custom container safety labels every year.

Other Industries

Custom Printed UN1072 GHS style Oxygen, Compressed USP Neck label

Likewise, you might have a procedure for employees to follow different than our stock truck & equipment decals. Let's get together to make something meeting your company's unique needs. While vehicle branding is more under our halfwraps brand, we certainly help manufacturers with custom branding or safety decal needs on their equipment.  In the same vein, our stock utility products include labeling for electrical safety, gas safety and telecommunications. While we have customized labels for buried wires and plastic tags for gas shutoffs, other products include customized cylinder shoulder labels Don't forget that we can help with your custom cylinder body labels too. While we are newer to the floor graphics realm.  We have printed a number of custom logo or support your local barista stickers for floor application.  Numbering and lettering  are very common by companies for making their company phone number or name easy to see.  However, numbering equipment, etc. can often be done die-cut numbers or reflective numbers.  Like wise reflective letters and die-cut letters also serve many purposes.  If you are needing consecutive numbers, we can print these for you rather than installing the numbers yourself, just make a note in the custom stickers form below.

All Industries

No matter what industry you are in, your business could use a little marketing or shall we say self promotion.  Look around  you will find cars wrapped with company name and images of their products.  Some of this can be a bit too much but a little goes a long way.  Kewanna Screen Printing has merged the ideas of mobile advertising and Do It Yourself.  With us you get a mockup of your vehicle with partial wrap design.  From here we print the vinyl to fit your vehicle and because it is not wrapping multiple panels of your vehicle, installation is easy.  We even have installation videos you can follow.  Some customers even have us print what they want and have a sign shop install it.  However you choose, gives you the look of a wrap at half the cost!


Ink and Material

The best inks printed on 3.4 mil outdoor grade vinyl. Depending on your specific needs, we either screen print or digitally print your custom stickers. Historically digital inks did not have the longevity of screen UV inks, however newer technology does provide us with UV-resistant inks.  Screen Printing is the old tried and true way of printing large quantities inexpensively.  However this can be more costly for small quantities or multiple color prints.  Digital printing is the answer to this challenge.  Above all it allows us to serve customers who don't need large quantities.  Consequently, when a sticker will be used outdoors with high levels of sun exposure an ink with UV-resistant properties will give you a longer life than those without.   Be sure to let us know where and how you will be using your custom stickers and we will guide you in the right direction. We offer lamination and clear coat options to extend the life of your investment.


Peel and stick hi-tack adhesive ensures a permanent bond to any clean surface. In our nearly sixty years of experience, we have found what works and likewise what doesn't.  For instance plastic surfaces like portable restrooms require a different adhesive than a decal going on a metal dumpster.  In turn, we stock vinyl with hi-tack permanent properties for both metal and plastic surfaces.  Other surfaces like decals for walls or those made for your vehicle require different adhesives all together. So be sure to tell us what material  your decals will be going on.

Our Company

Kewanna Screen Printing has been providing durable print solutions to industry specific companies since 1961.  As a result of serving customers across the United States and Canada, we are well versed with your specific needs. This includes custom vinyl decals or custom branding.  Lead times are dependent upon our workflow and can range from two to five weeks.

Customer Service

Kewanna Screen Printing prides itself on having great people to take your order.  They understand your specific needs and are ready to talk you through important decisions related to your order.  Your customer service representative schedules your order according to our current production load.  They monitor it during the production process because they know your order better than any one in our building and want you to get exactly what you are expecting.


Because we serve a number of industries across many jurisdictions, we ask that you are familiar with your local and state regulations.   Upon receiving your order for a custom sticker we will work with you to design a label.  Subsequently a signed approval represents your consent to our layout meeting not only correctness but also all regulations for your order.

Fill Out the Form Below and Tell Us About Your Custom Labeling Needs.

Feel free to take a picture of a drawing or the sticker you are currently using.  Likewise if you have a logo send that too. We'll put together an estimate and layout and get back to you with in one to two business days.





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