Fire extinguishers must be inspected periodically. In fact, routine testing and maintenance directly relate to the functionality of your fire extinguishers and hence are regulated throughout the industry.  Both hydrotest and 6-YR maintenance tests are performed under the direction of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Please note: Some state fire marshals require tamper evident material for hydrotest maintenance labels.  We offer our Chrome VOID material for such labels.

Tamper evident label when label completely removed
Tampering or removing label leaves the word VOID.

We offer both tamper-evident chrome VOID polyester and white vinyl for your hydrotest maintenance labels.


Hydrostatic testing checks for leaks and overall extinguisher strength. Different extinguishers  need to be hydrotested in different intervals.  Per the NFPA the most common ABC extinguishers need to be tested every 12 years from the date of manufacture.  Likewise, class D extinguishers require a hydrotest every 12 years. However class K extinguishers need hydrostatic testing every five years.  A hydrotest includes visually inspecting the interior and exterior of the extinguisher.  The cylinder gets filled with water and pressure tested between 125 and 150 percent above operational capacity. When the extinguisher passes the test it receives a new hydrotest label and is reassembled.

6-YR Maintenance

Rechargeable extinguishers requiring a hydrostatic test every twelve years also need routine maintenance.  The NFPA requires visual inspection of both the outside and inside of an extinguisher every six years. Of course when an extinguisher fires it must be recharged.  Any time an extinguisher is opened up, it must be inspected.  Like the hydrotest, upon reassembly similarly the 6YR Maintenance requires a new decal be placed stating date of maintenance.

F106i Custom Hydrotest / 6 Year Maintenance Label
F106 – Custom Hydrotest / 6 Year Maintenance Label
F107 Custom Hydrotest Label
F107 – Custom Hydrotest Label
F116 6YR Maintenance label
F116 6-YR Maintenance
F117 6-YR Maintenance label
F117 6-YR Maintenance label

Kewanna Screen Printing has been helping companies with their industry specific label and tag needs since 1961.  We help customers across the United State and Canada with their hydrotest maintenance labels. We understand your specific needs, however we serve many industries over a number of jurisdictions and can not keep up on changes for any particular one.  For this reason we ask you to check your layout with the state fire marshal's office where you are working. If you have a tag you are currently using please take a picture of it and upload it along with specifics in our contact form. Try our convenient online ordering to receive a layout and estimate in a few days or contact us by phone at (800)348-2454 or email. Moreover if you have any additional needs not found on this website, check out our custom stickers page.

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