Fire extinguisher inspection tags

Durable Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags

If you are looking for paper tags, you have came to the wrong place.  Kewanna Screen Printing only offers  durable fire extinguisher inspection tags.  To clarify, this means either the thicker plastic inspection tags or adhesive-backed vinyl tags (inspection stickers). Our tags are designed to hold up wherever portable fire extinguishers are used. That is to say indoors or out, in subzero temperatures or hot arid climates, wet or dry.

In other words, we have durable fire extinguisher tags for your next job.  Our tags keep extinguishers maintained from the Arctic Ocean down to the Gulf of Mexico and certainly at businesses everywhere between.  We make tags for extinguishers stationary inside and outside factories or warehouses. Similarly, if you have extinguishers jetting through the countryside on a speeding train, we have tags for you. That is to say we are confident we have an outdoor tag for your fire safety needs.

Why us?

Fire extinguisher service companies choose our company to print their extinguisher inspection tags for many reasons.


One common reason involves durability. Above all, our plastic extinguisher tags can weather whatever environment you use them in. For instance they hold up in industrial, cold, hot, wet, dry or windy conditions.  UV-resistant inks printed on all-weather materials ensure your tag will last. Likewise our inspection labels or stickers are made from the same vinyl as dumpster decals.  The hi-tack permanent adhesive adheres to any clean surface and lasts as long as you need it to.


Secondly, the ability to have your tags when you need them.  While there are busier times when production times may double, generally we can have your order in hands in two to three weeks.  Finally, customer service remains an important issue.  Certainly, you do not want to get a rude person on the other end of the call when you are ordering supplies.  Our friendly staff understands your needs and are there to help.  Give us a call today.

Outdoor durable plastic inspection tags come in seven colors; blue, yellow, red, green, white, gray and orange. Available with a drilled hole, metal eyelet and wires attached.

Plastic Extinguisher Tags

Are you looking for fire extinguisher inspection record tags to hold up to outdoor or industrial conditions? Moreover they hold their weight in any environment.  UV-resistant inks printed on .023 polyethylene plastic.  While a drilled hole is plenty strong with these durable tags.  Most companies choose a metal eyelet. Still others opt for a metal grommet.  However you choose to attach your plastic inspection tags to the extinguisher, we offer the option of having your tags pre-wired or shipped with wires separate. We have the tags for your next job.


Make your company stand out with a professionally printed thick plastic tag.  These aren't your flimsy tyvek tags.  Our plastic extinguisher inspection tags are made from the same material as a plastic milk jug, just thicker and opaque.  Looking for colored inspection tags? We have many options for you.  Choose from yellow, red, green, gray, white, orange or blue.  Combined with unlimited ink colors to help your company's service stand out.


Our most popular product, plastic fire inspection tags are a large part of what we do.  Because we do so many of them, you can count on us for a quality professionally printed fire extinguisher tag.  Quality is something we take pride in.  Quality is in everything we do. If you ever feel that you are not receiving a quality product, let us know and we will make it right.

Our plastic inspection tags can be easily marked with a permanent marker (Sharpie).  Whatever you need them for, this is a completely custom product. If you are needing a monthly plastic inspection tag, a plastic one-year inspection tag or a 4 year plastic inspection tag, we've got you covered. Our minimum order for custom printed plastic tags is 500 tags. However if you think you could need more, consider buying 1000, the price works out to be a better deal than ordering 500 tags twice.  We have price breaks all the way up to 30,000.  Need more?  Contact us for a quotation.



Adhesive-Backed Vinyl Inspection Tag
Vinyl Inspection Stickers - Just peel and stick to extinguisher

Adhesive-Backed Vinyl Tags

Similarly our adhesive-backed vinyl tags offer durability.  These 4.3 mil vinyl inspection stickers are printed with outdoor grade inks and offer peel and stick hi-tack adhesive.  Clean surface and apply for a permanent grip. These work well for maintaining inspection record on extinguishers that travel. You should always check with your state fire marshal to see if and how you can use these one-sided sticky backed tags

Different Tags with a Different Use

While these fire extinguisher inspection labels are mainly used for inspecting fire extinguishers, we have had many customers use them for other purposes.  There are companies all over the United States using both plastic inspection tags and these sticky tags to keep up with maintenance and inspections on cranes.  Anywhere you need a weatherproof tag.  We have customers who do outdoor storage.


Are you in a pinch?  Looking for some plastic tags to get you by until your custom tags are printed?  Check out our two styles of  stock plastic extinguisher inspection tag. Likewise our stock inspection stickers gives you the convenience to peel and stick.

Kewanna Screen Printing has been helping companies with their industry specific label and tag needs since 1961.  We help customers across the United State and Canada with their durable inspection tag needs. We understand your specific needs, however we serve many industries over a number of jurisdictions and can not keep up on changes for any particular one.  For this reason we ask you to check your layout with the state fire marshal's office where you are working. If you have a tag you are currently using please take a picture of it and upload it along with specifics in our contact form. Try our convenient online ordering to receive a layout and estimate in a few days or contact us by phone at (800)348-2454 or email. In addition, you might check out this blog post for more on our custom printed durable extinguisher inspection tags.