Durable Plastic Inspection Tags for Your Industrial and Fire Safety Needs

Plastic Inspection Stickers
Weather Proof - Water Proof - Wind Proof

Are you looking for an inspection tag to hold up to outdoor or industrial conditions? Then you have came to the right place.

Customers across the United States and Canada rely on our durable plastic extinguisher inspection tags to aid in the service of their portable fire extinguishers. UV-resistant inks printed on .023 polyethylene. As a result, these plastic inspection tags work well for extinguishers on oil rigs from Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. Likewise for companies from Washington State to Massachusetts use our durable plastic tags and everything in between.


Plastic Tag Attachment Options
Metal Grommet - Drilled Hole - Metal Eyelet

Annual Inspection

Extinguisher service companies generally use our plastic tags for completing an annual inspection.  Firstly, this inspection looks over the extinguisher for any dents or damage.  Secondly, viewing the gauge will tell if it has been used.  When gauge is outside green, it requires further service for example a recharge.  Identifying the year of manufacture, will let you know if hydrotesting or a 6 yr maintenance test is required.  Further ensure that it is properly hung and pin is in place.

Our plastic extinguisher tags record your annual inspection for everyone to see.  Depending on the design of the tag, it can tell the story of your extinguisher including class and chemicals used.  Easily marked with a permanent marker (Sharpie) or punched with a hole punch.

Many Options

Our durable inspection tags are like nothing else on the market.  Extinguisher service companies from all around rely on these plastic extinguisher tags because of durability, quality, quick lead time and great customer service.  Many colors are available, for instance you can order yellow, white, orange, light green, dark green, blue, red or gray tags.  Infinite ink color options make your tags one of a kind.

While a drilled hole is plenty strong with these durable tags.  Most companies choose a metal eyelet. Still others opt for a metal grommet.  However you choose to attach your tag to the extinguisher, we do offer galvanized wires. Some customers choose to have their tags pre-wired. Still others have loose wires shipped in the same box. So no wires, prewired, or wires separate, we have exactly what it takes to meet your durable fire safety needs.


Quick Turn Around

Certainly there are times of the year where we have more orders than can count.  In those times, production times can double, but for the most part you can expect to  have your order ship in two to three weeks from date of approval.

Wires Attached or Separate
Do you need something to attach your inspection tag to your extinguisher? We sell galvanized wires either attached for separate.


We understand your specific needs, however we serve many industries over a number of jurisdictions and cannot keep up on changes for any particular one. Every state's fire marshal can and often does have their own requirements for how your extinguisher inspection tags should look.  While some states require specific colors or size, others have no mandate. For this reason and because we manufacture tags for companies in every state and throughout Canada, we ask that you know your region's requirements. Even if that requires having them approve your layout.  All custom orders require your signature and a dated approval prior to printing anything.

Be sure to check out our adhesive-backed vinyl tags too. These vinyl tags adhere permanently wherever used, which makes them great for traveling extinguishers, etc.

Kewanna Screen Printing has been helping companies with their industry specific label and tag needs since 1961.  We help customers across the United State and Canada with their plastic inspection tags.  If you have a tag you are currently using, please take a picture of it and upload it along with specifics in our contact form. Try our convenient online ordering to receive a layout and estimate in a few days or contact us by phone at (800)348-2454 or email.

Plastic Inspection Tags Custom Order

Tag Specifications

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Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please send the best version of your logo preferably in vector format (.eps) with fonts converted to outlines and any shading converted to raster. If you do not have vector format, please send us the largest image you have (.pdf or .jpg format). If you do not have a logo, then we will use a simple block font to place your company name in the logo spot.