Plastic Verification of Service Collars

Due to physical constraints, the verification of service collar can only be installed when extinguisher is disassembled for service.  Importantly our customized plastic service collars tell everyone who performed the service as well as date of service.  Not only does the durable plastic hold up to environmental conditions.  It also resists tampering.  Often times in large factories or warehouses, more than one company may be responsible for fire extinguishers.  Unfortunately, cut throat business tactics include tampering with another company's paper collar.  Show them you mean business with thick plastic service collars. We only sell plastic collars, just like we only sell plastic extinguisher tags.  Our products are meant stand the test of time and use.  Therefore print UV-resistant inks on .023 polyethylene plastic.  In addition they come in a variety of colors: white, blue, yellow, orange, red, light green, dark green and gray.

Small Verification of Service Collars
1-3/8" Inside Diameter / 2-1/2" Outside Diameter
Medium Verification of Service Collars
1-3/4" Inside Diameter / 2-7/8" Outside Diameter
Large Verification of Service Collars
2-1/8" Inside Diameter / 3-1/4" Outside Diameter

Kewanna Screen Printing has been helping companies with their industry specific label and tag needs since 1961.  We help customers across the United State and Canada with their plastic  inspection tags. We understand your specific needs, however we serve many industries over a number of jurisdictions and can not keep up on changes for any particular one.  For this reason we ask you to check your layout with the state fire marshal's office where you are working. If you have a tag you are currently using please take a picture of it and upload it along with specifics in our contact form. Try our convenient online ordering to receive a layout and estimate in a few days or contact us by phone at (800)348-2454 or email. Moreover if you have any additional needs not found on this website, check out our custom stickers page.

Service Collars Custom Order

Collar Specifications

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