About Us

Who We Are

A small family business from the heartland... With heart.

There was a growing demand for slow moving vehicle signs and flags for farm equipment and Amish buggies.  As a result Harold and Josephine Hyatt started Kewanna Safety Products out of their barn in 1961. Similarly, they made safety vests for construction workers.  Subsequently, KSP earned the reputation of producing quality products and became a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes.


KSP grew and in turn so did the ability to print custom and stock items for multiple industrial applications. Our founders ran the company for 30 years, leaving a legacy to put people first. Above all, do right by customers, employees, vendors, and the community.  After 60 years Kewanna Screen Printing is still a small family business striving to follow our founders example.  

Trusted by customers in every state, and abroad.

Kewanna Screen Printing makes every product to withstand rugged outdoor use at an economical price. With customers in every climate, we have the right products that will work well in your location. For instance, we have customers in the hot, dry climate of Arizona as well as the cold harsh climate of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  Our customers trust us with their need for industrial quality decals, labels and tags because of reliable design and quality printed products.

Our Team

We have a dedicated staff who excel at customer satisfaction.

The hardworking, friendly values of KSP’s first generation are present still today. Our staff go above and beyond to ensure your project meets the highest standards and gets delivered on time.

KSPprints is located in the small community of Kewanna, Indiana, though our products reach big industries. The employees’ community minded pride means we care about every detail of your order.

KSP Owners and Managers

Ben & Tammy Fehrer

4th Generation Managers (2008-Present)
  • Great Grandson of Founders
  • Degrees in Christianity/Culture, Business, Elementry Education.
  • Back Ground in Business and Youth Vocational Development



General Manager

Chad Hisey

General Manager and Director of Sales
  • Bachelor of Applied Management (Trine University)
  • Customer service and management experience in construction, manufacturing and distribution industries
Gale Harper, KSP Sales Associate


Sales Associates
  • Background in Customer Service and Bookkeeping


Sales Associates
  • With a background in radio, John is well spoken and a joy to speak with when placing your next order.