Our Customers

Our Customers Best Tell the Story of Our Business

Crane Manufacturing

Our Mission

                        --KSP is a small family business that cares about taking care of our customers needs, improving quality of life for our employees and the greater community, while doing our part to care for the planet.

Taking care of our customers means providing them with quality products. Generally our customers demand products that will last outdoors or in industrial conditions. For this reason we only use the best inks and materials that are proven to last outdoors.

At the same time we know that ordering your labels or tags should be as easy as using them. We feel providing flexible hours and profit sharing goes a long way to maintain quality error free products and top customer service.

Further our work with local organizations aim to better the community through participation, funding and employment. Kewanna Screen Printing's commitment to the environment can be seen through vigorous recycling efforts and  investment in solar energy.

Recycling Trailer
Many communities that don't have the ability to do curbside pickup, have us label their trailers.

We serve a number of industries who require rugged, durable solutions to their decal, label, tag and collar needs.  We have worked with companies in these industries to develop products dealing with your everyday labeling or tag needs. Customers can view our complete selection of stock products in our online shop.

Still, we know you come across unique situations. In those instances, contact one of our Customer Results Specialists.  Our team includes an in-house art department who can work with your existing artwork to provide a custom solution to your unique needs.

Our Customers

So who are our customers? Our customers can be found in every community across the United States and Canada.  Those companies servicing fire extinguishers in factories and schools. The companies picking up your garbage or sort your recyclables.  They supply your medical or industrial gas needs.

We serve those companies installing solar panels and operating portable restroom businesses.  Don't forget about those safety labels on the machinery you use everyday to manufacture new products. Still there are those looking to separate inedible parts in meat processing facilities.

Welding requires industrial gases and gases must be labeled for safety.

We have customers stretching from the Gulf Coast to the Arctic Ocean. They span from Oregon to Maine and everywhere between.

If you have an industry specific labeling problem, we have your solution.  We help with everything from extinguisher labels and voltage signs to bin labels and vinyl numbering. Anywhere where durable industry specific labeling or tag needs exist, we can help!

Perhaps more telling about our customers than the diversity of industry or location is how long they have been customers.  A number of customers have been with us for thirty to forty years.

We do screen printing, after all it is in the name.  This old tried and true method for printing multiple quantities cheaply still exists.  However as technology changes, we shift too. Newer digital printing allows for printing smaller quantities inexpensively and doing full-color like never before.

Just as technology changes how we solve a problem we are learning new ways to serve you with new options on this website. Durability is what we are known for, we do not print t-shirts or marketing materials.

Likewise our other sites can solve more challenges you face as a small business.  For instance, vehicle wraps are great for marketing your company but come with a huge price tag. So we developed Halfwraps.com. By using smaller and separate graphics, we can provide the look of a wrap at half the cost. We will design your wrap and our how-to videos will help with installation.

Any space can be made more attractive with Artwash.com. Whether it is your office or your home.  Many times the building was designed in such a way that isn't functional any more.  We have a variety of products to bring that space back to life.  Similarly, we can help with advertising for your retail window space.


From bin labels to safety decals, every sticker you need for your recycling and refuse business.


Safety and productivity decals and signs for recycling or other industries machinery and their new customers.


Fully customizable, durable labels, tags and collars for Fire Safety companies.


Cost effective vehicle graphics to promote your business without the cost of a full wrap that hides the look of your car.