Waste Containers
Is it time for new waste management stickers for your waste containers?


Waste Management Stickers

The activity in and around your waste container is of major concern.  Of course what goes in your dumpster but also the safety of those around it.  Waste management stickers or dumpster decals handle all of these tasks. Click on the categories below to see just those specific labels.  However, click here if you want to see all of our waste stickers.

Looking for common waste stickers, this is the place to start.

  • Safety

Certainly waste management stickers are important to your company's safety plan. However they serve many other purposes too, including use, separation and even local laws .  Firstly, let us look at safety.  Because every dumpster is placed on a different site there can be an unlimited amount of variables.  The most common of these hazards present themselves with all locations your container may be placed.  For instance, tipping hazard and fall hazard decals are suggested for all dumpsters.  Whereas some safety labels are equipment specific and are not needed on all equipment. Safety stickers are sorted by caution, danger, warning and ANSI container labels.

  • Ordinances

Some municipalities might require lids remain closed.  Meanwhile most places require hazardous or toxic wastes be dealt with separate from everyday trash. Typically, notice stickers will be used to display legality or ordinance issues.  This includes liability concerns, including cost incurred with non-accepted wastes or responsibility for unloading over loaded containers.

  • Informational

Sometimes you need to tell customers how to handle their waste, for instance placing trash in a bag, for instance.  Also informational dumpster decals tell people about the waste in your container.  Whatever the case, informational stickers is where you will find it.  This also includes die-cut vinyl numbers and letters.

  • Recycling

Further more, we do not want to forget recycling.  Recycling requires the separation of waste so that each material can be processed into new raw materials. We carry bin labels for multi-stream recycling and waste stickers for single stream recycling.  More recently the designation of organic waste has called for different processes including separation.  Whatever you need, we can help with your waste management stickers.

Custom stickers make sure that your customer or better yet potential customers know how to contact you.  Typically these contain at least your company name and phone number.  However if you have a logo or a tag line, include it.  Size is what you want it to be.  The bigger the lettering, the farther away it can be read.


Waste stickers become weathered and might fade, peel and shrink.  This happens. After all, dumpsters are subject to all Mother Nature can throw at them. However, when buying your container labels from Kewanna Screen Printing, you can rest assured. Only the best inks are printed on outdoor grade vinyl.  As a result of using hi-tack permanent adhesive, you do not have to worry about peeling.  Your label will bond permanently to a clean surface.

You can click on the picture to see what we offer in each section.

Top Selling Container Decals

W504F is our Top Selling Container Decal
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ANSI Container Safety Waste Management Stickers

ANSI Container Safety labels
This diagram shows placement of dumpster decals per ANSI standard Z245.30-2008 for your waste container.

Caution Container Labels

Large Caution Play Waste Management Sticker
Both ANSI and OSHA versions call for users to exercise cautious behavior and pay attention to minimize risk and damage.

Danger / Warning Container

Danger Stand Clear Waste Stickers
Both ANSI and OSHA versions of container labels warn of impending danger, serious harm or misfortune.

Notice Labels

No Parking Container Sticker
Generally OSHA format, these waste stickers inform customers or public about laws, policy or liability.

Informational Decals

Inform your customers how to manage waste with informational stickers
These decals serve multiple purposes and not necessarily used for public safety

Recycling Stickers

Recycling is the Management of Waste Streams
Use these container decals to aid in the proper collection of your recyclables.

Custom Stickers

Sample of Custom Container Sticker
Use your idea or ours. Our very creative team can help you find the perfect label for your containers.

Kewanna Screen Printing has been helping companies with their industry specific label and tag needs since 1961.  We help customers across the United State and Canada with their needs for container safety  and custom dumpster decals. Through the years we have taken the most popular layout requests and turned them into stock.  All stock decals are bulk printed ahead of your order or are easily printed to fill your order.  These stock labels are cheaper than you could by them custom.  If you are looking for something specific and can not find it, please reach out to our customer service team.  Ask about our stock customization options. Moreover if you have any additional needs not found on this website, check out our custom stickers page.