Adhesive-Backed Vinyl Tags for Recording Inspections and Service


Adhesive-Backed Vinyl Inspection Tag
Adhesive-Backed Vinyl Inspection Tag - Just peel and stick to extinguisher

Our adhesive-backed vinyl tags offer a similar durability as our plastic tags.  Likewise these 4.3 mil vinyl tags or inspection labels are printed with outdoor grade inks for a long lasting use outdoors with the convenience to peel and stick them where you need them. Likewise the hi-tack adhesive offers a permanent stick so your stick on tag stays stuck on.

Permanent Adhesion for Extinguishers on the Go

Our sticky tags work well for portable extinguishers that travel. For instance, we have a customer who services fire extinguishers on trains.  They love our plastic tags, but had a problem keeping the attached to the extinguishers traveling at high speeds.  We worked with them to develop this product.  Several other fire extinguisher service companies have found use for this one-sided sticky vinyl tags. How could you use them?  As always, be sure to check with your state fire marshal to see if and how you can use stick on tags.

Extinguisher Information

Depending on the layout of your inspection tag, your adhesive inspection service tag can identify class of extinguisher and substances used. Certainly your company name and contact information are easily found.  While most people leave the license number and serviced by line blank others have information and even signature added to printed tags.  Prior to inspection label being applied to surface it can be punched, but can be easily marked with ball point pen after adhesion.

Annual inspection

Generally inspection tags will record your annual inspection.  This consists with looking the extinguisher over to ensure the pin is in place and there is no damage to the extinguisher. Checking the gauge will tell if the fire extinguisher has been used or whether it needs recharged. The year of manufacture determines if a hydrotest or 6 yr maintenance needs performed.  Finally, the inspection concludes with ensuring extinguisher is properly hung.

Quick Turn Around

Certainly there are times of the year where we have more orders than can count.  In those times, production times can double, but for the most part you can expect to  have your order ship of stick on tags to ship in two to three weeks from date of approval.


We understand your specific needs, however we serve many industries over a number of jurisdictions and can not keep up on changes for any particular one. Every state's fire marshal can and often does have their own requirements for how your extinguisher inspection tags should look.  While some state require specific colors or size, others have no mandate. For this reason and because we manufacture tags and inspection labels for companies in every state and throughout Canada, we ask that you know your region's requirements. Even if that requires having them approve your layout.  All custom orders require your signature and dated approval prior to printing anything.

While you are here, check out our plastic inspection tags. Our plastic extinguisher inspection tags offer rigid durability unlike other options on the market.

Kewanna Screen Printing has been helping companies with their industry specific label and tag needs since 1961.  We help customers across the United State and Canada with their plastic  inspection tags.  If you have a tag you are currently using please take a picture of it and upload it along with specifics in our contact form. Try our convenient online ordering to receive a layout and estimate in a few days or contact us by phone at (800)348-2454 or email.

Adhesive-Backed Vinyl Inspection Tags Custom Order

Tag Specifications

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Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please send the best version of your logo preferably in vector format (.eps) with fonts converted to outlines and any shading converted to raster. If you do not have vector format, please send us the largest image you have (.pdf or .jpg format). If you do not have a logo, then we will use a simple block font to place your company name in the logo spot.