R469H 12 x 12 Large Recycling Sticker

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This label is printed on 3.4 mil outdoor vinyl with hi-tack permanent adhesive.


Larger Recycle Labels for bins

Large Recycling Sticker

This large recycling sticker makes any container a recycling container.  Because of its size, this decal is ideal for large containers.   Above all, this sticker was designed with durability in mind. Outdoor grade inks printed on industrial-grade vinyl with peel and stick hi-tack adhesive. Moreover this large recycle decal measures 12 Inches by 12 Inches to draw users’ eyes. These large stickers let people know this container is to recycle only no trash.

  • SKU: R469H
  • Image:  Rotating Arrows
  • Ink Color: Green
  • Material:  Printed on Outdoor grade White vinyl with peel and stick hi-tack permanent adhesive
  • Dimensions: 12 Inches H x 12 Inches W
  • Text: RECYCLE

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Perfect for managing your multiple streams of waste. While this large recycling sticker let people know where to recycle, combining it with a specific material label helps people know what to recycle in your bins.   Hence keeping the wrong materials out of your container, reducing contamination. For instance this tin can bin label, batteries only sticker or plastic only container label.

Likewise, these other recycling arrow decals help people find your recycling container. You will find these other large recycle stickers, as well as a smaller version, a recycle here sticker, and one just asking people to please recycle.

These square recycling labels allow for larger recycling arrows. Perhaps you have a smaller container and are looking for a smaller recycle bin label?  Then this is the product for you. For any custom needs you may have please reach out to one of our qualified customer service representatives.

This recycle decal is one our top selling container decals.  Find others including ANSI Falling Hazard, Maximum Loading Level and our full-color single stream stickers.

Kewanna Screen Printing has been in business since 1961.  In that time, we have built a strong customer base on durable products and great customer service.  Waste and Recycling companies depend on us for trash and recycling stickers. These include waste management stickers of all varieties from safety decals and dumpster stickers to recycle logos, recycling symbols, recycling arrows, or whatever you call them.


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Weight0.86 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 0.0034 in


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