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November 10, 2016By Chad Hisey

Durable Plastic Inspection tags


I have had customers ask if we carry Tyvek tags? Still, I have others call in, saying “I tried Tyvek, but it is too flimsy.” All weather yes, Tyvek is great for keeping moisture out of a building. I used to use Tyvek everyday, when I built houses as a general contractor. Outdoor inspections, especially those on portable fire extinguishers, need a sturdy surface to write on or mark. Durable plastic extinguisher tags like ours are made from 0.023 polyethylene plastic. Available in Yellow, Red, Dark Green, Green, Gray, White, Orange or Blue.Yes polyethylene, like a milk jug, just thicker and opaque. Available in many colors (white, yellow, red, gray, orange,  green, blue and dark green) we have one that is right for your fire extinguisher inspection job. Printed with UV-Resistant inks, these tags will hold up to whatever test you throw at it.


While these plastic tags are rigid enough to attach to your fire extinguisher as is. Most customers, do opt for a metal eyelet. Still others, who use our tags in more industrial settings, prefer metal grommets. How are you going to attach your plastic fire tags to your extinguisher? There is a growing demand for pre-wired tags. For this we have reached out to a local non-profit organization. Annually they to help us fulfill orders for over thirty thousand tags with a galvanized wire pre-installed. Want to install the wire yourself, we’ll sell you the wires and put them right in the box before shipping it out.

Our plastic extinguisher tags are durable  enough for a simple drilled hole.

Plastic Inspection Tag w/ drilled hole

Some Industrial customers prefer the option of a metal grommet on their plastic inspection tag.

Industrial Crane Inspection Tag with Grommet

The most popular option for our durable plastic extinguisher tag is a metal eyelet.

Plastic Fire Tag with Metal Eyelet

Our plastic tags have the option of having wires included or prewired.

Prewired Plastic Fire Inspection Tag


Whatever your preference, your durable plastic extinguisher tag order is fully customizable. Be sure to check with your local authority (Fire Marshal) about Layout Options and Specifications of your fire tag. Since we service customers across the nation and in Canada as well as print labels for other industries, we can not keep up with all regulations.



Color of Tag

Ink Color

Tag Format/Layout

Extinguisher Type

Type of Inspection

Inclusion of Company Logo with Company information


Printed on One Side or Both

Maybe your needs aren't custom at all, then check out our stock plastic inspection tag. On the other hand maybe your safety tag needs have more to do with safety and less to do with inspection.

We thank you for your interest in our products and look forward to helping you order your durable outdoor tags soon.  If you checked off all of these items and are ready to place your order please start your order online, however you can always call or email to discuss your custom order today.

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