Tamper Evident Stickers

October 20, 2023By Chad Hisey

Equipment upgrades have allowed Kewanna Screen Printing to add security cuts in white vinyl. In turn expanding our line of tamper evident stickers and regulated testing/inspection labels

As old equipment ages, new equipment replaces the old.  With newer equipment and newer technology our cutting capabilities have increased.  We are now able to cut security lines into your white vinyl hydrostatic testing, inspection and 6-year maintenance labels. Of course, tamper evident and void stickers are not limited to fire extinguishers.  They are used in emergency equipment, machinery safety guards and electrical cabinets. In short wherever you wish to prevent tampering.

Security scoring allows us to manufacture tamper evident stickers.  This adds to our offering of void stickers in regulated testing labels.

This now gives you three material options for your mandated testing labels, chrome VOID stickers, white vinyl and tamper evident white vinyl.  These are great for regulated testing labels like hydrostatic testing labels, emergency lighting or maintenance stickers. Of course, some states require the record of certain testing and inspection to be tamper evident while others do not.  Always check with your State’s Fire Marshal office to see what is required in your state.

Essential traits in a photo submittal

December 9, 2016By Chad Hisey

Custom Stickers

People are always wanting us to do custom stickers they have seen somewhere. In order for us to do this, it is much easier to see what they have seen. Many times when doing vehicle graphics, because of different models, etc. seeing what we have to work with is important. With today’s technology and availability of a great camera on your cell phone, this is easier than ever.

That being said. Not everyone is a photographer. Every camera is different, but how you take the picture is the most important part. Three important factors; angle, zoom, and lighting will help us see what you want to be printed.

Figure 1A


Always take your picture at a 90-degree angle and the same height (Figure 1A). Taking a picture at any other angle will distort proportions, shapes, and sizes.


Depending on what you are wanting us to see. If they are just custom decals you want us to print, all we really need to see is the label. Zoom in as close as you can to see the label clearly. If there is any fuzziness, back off of the zoom or get closer to what you are photographing.

Still, there are reasons to zoom out past the edges of the label. Perhaps you want a larger label and want us to see the space we have to work with. Maybe there is a boundary that we need to be aware of. Zoom out just enough so we can see it and the label clearly.

In need of a vehicle graphic, send us a picture of the side you are wanting to mount the sticker. Paying close attention to the angle (90 degrees) and zoom to where we can see the whole side just inside the frame. In order to measure up the proportions for your specific vehicle model, having a photo include space outside your specific area will be helpful.


Proper lighting is important for any picture. If it is difficult for you to see the object when you are taking the picture therefore the picture itself will be worse. Try taking the picture outside during the day. The sun is the best light you have! If you have to take the picture inside, make note of the type of lighting. Fluorescent lights make colors appear bluer. While incandescents make colors appear yellow to amber.


When referencing color, photos are all wrong, especially digital ones. What you see on your camera or computer screen, may not reflect what I see. Settings for every computer screen are different. I have two computers on my desk and the colors between the two vary. The best means to match color is to send us a sample of the color or reference a known standard, perhaps a Pantone color or a paint chip. While if you are needing a certain color and have something that matches what you are wanting, for example a printed decal or painted  sample, please send this to us with relevant information, company and contact information.  If you have been working with a sales person, please also include their name.

Kewanna Screen Printing

% Color Match

PO Box 397

Kewanna IN  46939

Make sure we get it right the first time. Figures 2A-2E (below) show both correct and improper camera angle and zoom.

Figure 2A: Blurriness is the result of zooming in too close.
Figure 2B: The wrong angle even at this close distance distorts shapes and proportion.
Figure 2C: Zooming out makes guesswork of wording and images.
Figure 2D: This picture taken at the wrong angle, distorts shapes and sizes.
Figure 2E: Taken at the correct angle and zoom, the only question is how many do you want.


Maybe you need us to print custom stickers you had printed elsewhere. This is totally doable. If so, great news, no photography needed. If you paid somebody to create a label, you paid them for the artwork. Ask to have your artwork. We prefer to have the vector artwork (drawings with detailed math regarding lines, angles, curves, fonts, colors, etc.). These files will be in *.eps, *.cdr, *.ai format. If one of these is not available a good *.pdf file can work. At very worst, a large *.jpg file will allow us to trace the image.

If you are not sure how to get us the required photo or file, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (800) 348-2454 or send an email to info@kspprints.com.

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Hazardous Waste / Non-Hazardous Waste Labels are Now Available on Our Website

November 1, 2016By Chad Hisey
KSP Prints hazardous waste labels
KSP Prints hazardous waste stickers

Hazardous Waste Decals Available as Stock or Custom

Hazardous Waste Management

You spoke and we listened. For years, customers have searched for these hazardous waste decals and other waste material labels on our website, https://kspprints.com. New items have been added and others regrouped in one place for your viewing. Find them here.

Because of the risks associated with them, proper labeling of hazardous waste is crucial to ensure safe handling, transport, and disposal of these materials. Hence forth, hazardous waste labeling is used to identify and classify potentially dangerous waste materials. Conveying the type of waste inside the containers.  It is important to note, labeling may vary by jurisdiction. Furthermore, the governing entity whether at the local, state and federal level can set the precedent for what is required but also the fine for not complying with regulation. In fact, failure to comply can result significant fines and penalties, putting themselves at risk during inspections. Therefore, you might want to check with your regulating authority to ensure proper accordance to mandates. By labeling hazardous waste correctly, companies can avoid costly fines and/or shutdowns, and ensure the safety of their employees and the environment.

Benefits of proper labeling

Proper labeling of hazardous waste materials is one of the most important activities for a compliant waste management regime. Labels are crucial for maintaining safe operations. Thus, notifying personnel of the dangers involved in dealing with a material.  Even ensuring your waste management provider is able to handle each material appropriately. In addition, proper labeling can help to minimize the risk of exposure to hazardous substances and ensure that the waste is handled and disposed of correctly.

Hazardous waste stickers help to identify the waste, keep them in their separate stream and keep people and the environment safe. As with cylinder gases, GHS symbol stickers can help to identify classes of chemicals or wastes. As with all stock decals, labels and stickers your order will be ready for shipping in approximately 5 to 7 business days. Don’t see what you are looking for? Check out our custom stickers page or give us a call! Thank you for your business!


KSP Prints hazardous waste decals

non hazardous waste decals

Non Hazardous Waste Label

Looking for more protection?

October 27, 2016By Chad Hisey

Need for additional protection

So, you are having this custom label made for the purpose of promoting your business or keeping people safe. However, in an industrial facility or in the elements (outdoors) there are conditions that could fade the ink prematurely or wipe it off completely. While our inks are meant to resist fading*, some times additional protection is warranted. Perhaps you want the label to last longer. Other situations, such as when industrial cleaners are used on machinery, could actually remove the ink and your message altogether. Additionally, abrasion can damage a label making it hard to read.

We at KSPprints offer a couple options. There is a clear coat, wherein a clear layer of UV-Resistant Ink is screen-printed over your label. Like our other UV-Resistant inks this clear ink is said to show minimal fading after four to five years. Our other option is lamination. With a few different material options, lamination provides a clear protective surface between the ink and anything else.

Sun Exposure: While Polyester lamination does offer some protection against the sun’s rays, it is undefined. Clear Coating will definitely protect your label from fading for atleast four to five years of UV exposure.

Chemicals & Abrasion: Clear Coating doesn’t really offer you the protection of lamination. Just like the ink that can be wiped or scraped away in the wrong situation a clear coat of ink will do the same.

With all of that said, each situation is different when choosing the best protection for your label order. If you are free of abrasion and chemicals, clear coating is the best option for you. Anytime abrasion or chemicals are involved use lamination to protect your labels.

We carry three types of lamination to give you the best protection:

Polyester LaminationThis option does give an unquantified amount of protection from fading but is best at protecting your custom labels from chemical cleaning agents and the like.

Vinyl LaminationOur thickest lamination option provides the most protection from abrasion making it great for vehicle graphics.

Gas Grade Lamination
Machinery exposed to landfill and sewer gases can eat away at your labels. In these situations, you need a lamination with a strong adhesive to seal off the label.

Hopefully this was helpful in planning your order. As always, if you have questions feel free to contact us by phone, (800) 348-2454 or by email, info@KSPprints.com. Thank you for your interest in our products.

*KSP printing methods include digital printing and screen-printing. Different digital printing options offer varied longevity. For those decals with custom shapes, we can print with outdoor grade inks which provide protection from fading for 2 to 3 years. Our other digital press offers UV-resistant ink like our Screen-printing process. These inks can typically be expected to withstand signs of fading for 4 to 5 years.

KSP officially announces Fire Tag Season

October 20, 2016By Chad Hisey

As the year winds down, be sure to visit the pumpkin patch and apple orchard.  But before you get lost in a corn maze make sure to order your inspection tags and stickers for 2023.

It is that time of year again! The leaves turn shades of orange and red, the air gets cooler and the days get shorter. Oh, but don’t forget it is Fire Tag Season. The time when fire extinguisher businesses begin to order their inspection tags and stickers for the new year. Depending on the state where you are located, local regulation may dictate changing the color of tags you use. While most do not change the color year to year, but each state does mandates regulations that must be followed to a T.

Plastic Inspection Stickers
Available in Orange, White, Red, Gray, Yellow, Green and Blue, we have the right plastic inspection tag for you!

Local Regulations

We know a lot about fire extinguisher tags, but we service a number of industries through the United States and North America. We can not be 100% sure about the regulations in your specific area. If you have any question regarding the specific regulations in the state where you do business, contact the State Fire Marshal’s office. Their contact info should be with your license, however I was able to pull a list from Google by searching “State Fire Marshal office”. Several states’ Fire Marshall offices came up through the first several pages.

What do I need?

So the first thing to know when preparing to call for pricing is what is required for your state (color, 1 side or 2). Do you want a metal eyelet or hole only? Assuming that you are going to order, you will need your company info. This includes logo, name, address, phone number(s) and website.  Next, gather your license numbers, tech’s name, DOT number, etc. Have all this information ready, then contact us.

Over the past few years, we have seen a growth in orders inspection stickers.  These are great for portable extinguishers as you do not have to worry about them falling off.  As always check with your state fire marshal’s office to see if you can use them and know what the regulations are. One thing is for sure, lots of customers will be ordering their 2022 plastic inspection tags and annual inspection stickers all at once. So the sooner you order, the better chance you have to receive them when the calendar turns to January.

To get your order started click here, call or email.

Toll Free: (800) 348-2454

Local: (574) 653-2683

Email: info@kspprints.com

Thank you for your business! We’ll talk to you soon!

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