F184F 18 x 4 Fire Extinguisher Locator Sign

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This label is printed on 3.4 mil outdoor vinyl with hi-tack permanent adhesive.


Fire Extinguisher Arrow Stickers

Fire Extinguisher Locator Stickers

These large, bold extinguisher locator stickers make sure that people can find your extinguisher when there is no time to look for a fire extinguisher.  Above all, make your life-saving equipment present and easy to find.  Designed to stand out this arrow is made to go above your extinguisher.  Clean surface, peel backing, and stick directly to wall.  Printed on outdoor grade vinyl with hi-tack adhesive.  As a result, this adhesive-backed fire extinguisher locator sign will hold up in industrial areas and stay where you put it

  • SKU: F184F
  • Image: Arrow Pointing Down
  • Ink Color: Fire Red
  • Material: Printed on Outdoor grade White vinyl with hi-tack permanent adhesive
  • Dimensions: 18 Inches High x 4 Inches Wide

Other Fire Products

These extinguisher locator stickers may be exactly what you need.  However, it is only one of the extinguisher arrow labels we carry. For instance you will find our shorter version of this one or a 12 x 5.5 label with striping.

Similarly, check out our other stock fire products including fire equipment labels like this sprinkler valve locator sticker, flammable gas stickers.  In the same vein, make sure your customers know which extinguisher to use for different fires with our fire extinguisher classification labels like this class A label or our custom class labels.

Further ensure top safety around your extinguishers with our custom products for example our hydrotest and six-year maintenance labels, custom extinguisher inspection tags including both plastic extinguisher tags and adhesive-backed vinyl tags.  But don’t forget about our hard plastic verification of service collars.

Kewanna Screen Printing has been in business since 1961.  In that time we have built a strong customer base on durable products and great customer service. Every year we custom print over a million custom plastic extinguisher tags for fire safety companies across the United States and Canada.  We have developed some stock labels to help our customers with their day to day needs.  A full selection of extinguisher classification labels and fire extinguisher locator signs can be found right here on our website.  For any custom needs you may have, please reach out to one of our qualified customer service representatives.



Additional information

Weight 0.00015 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 4 × .0034 in


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