Best Merger Decision for Your Small Business

June 26, 2017By Chad Hisey

Merging of Ideas: Mobile Advertising and Do It Yourself

When people think of mergers, they often think of when two giant conglomerates merge together to make a mammoth one, to um… solve a problem. Well here is one that doesn’t involve big business getting bigger, but it could help your small business grow, while saving you some change and solving a problem at the same time. Full vehicle ad wrapsEverybody has seen vehicle graphics like those cars wrapped with a company’s name, pictures of products and where to find them. How could you miss them? Afterall what a great idea!

Mobile Advertising

Advertisers have long known roadways were a great place to get attention. Infact, early advertisers were building billboards along roadsides even before vehicles were motorized. People spend a lot of time on the road, driving to work, to the store, taking their kids to school, etc. What better time to advertise to potential customers than when driving. Vehicle graphics are bringing drivers’ eyes back to the road and are creating great opportunities for companies to reach customers. Granted those one size (entire vehicle) wraps are not for everyone. Some are downright ugly! Large all-encompassing vehicle graphics require professional installation. With professional installation comes a hefty price! What if I told you that vehicle graphics don’t have to be that way?

Do It Yourself

In the last couple of decades there has been a growth in Do-It-Yourself stores, from home improvements to crafts to websites where you can order a meal on-line and have all the ingredients shipped directly to your house for you to make in your kitchen. Don’t forget You Tube, where you can learn how to do anything yourself. When you Do-It-Yourself (DIY) you save money and know exactly what went into making your project/meal complete.

Half Wraps vehicle ads

Merging these two ideas into one solution, will not only increase your brand exposure, but help you save on advertising costs. Enter Halfwraps is DIY vehicle graphics, done professionally. We take your logo/ideas and fit them into a partial wrap that is specifically manufactured for your particular vehicle. Installation videos on our website make the installation a breeze! Why pay a company to wrap your whole vehicle when could accomplish the same brand exposure at half the cost?

Find everything you need to keep your company vehicle and employees safe using truck decals while promoting brand

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Why Halfwraps?

February 2, 2017By Chad Hisey

Vehicle wraps are all the rage these days! And why not? Whether commuting to and from work, driving to the store, sporting events, or just taking the kids to school/activities, you spend a tremendous amount of time on the road. Why not transform all this time driving into exposure of your business? Our uses partial wraps to highlight your brand versus plastering your vehicle with advertising.

Half Wraps vehicle wrapsWhen you advertise on your vehicle, your message is right there for eyes to read. Studies show that depending on how much you drive your wrapped automobile and where you drive it, your brand can make thousands of impressions a day. Whether driving down the highway, maneuvering city streets or parked in a parking lot, put your vehicle to work for you.

Advertising versus Building Brand Awareness

Advertisements are everywhere. Many times you will see a funny commercial (a type of advertisement) and are left wondering what brand is behind it.  This type of advertisement while entertaining makes it hard to drive sales.  Whereas using your logo with relevant information helps to get people familiar with your company.  Brand building is essential in today’s marketplace.  One might consider full vehicle wraps a giant advertisement on your vehicle while partial wraps done right are more focused and help to build brand awareness without drowning it with other information or services that you perform.

Half Wraps vehicle wraps

Great Marketing

What other form of advertising reaches nearly every person in your market? Radio and television ads only reach people who tune into that particular channel. Newspaper and magazine readership is waning in this digital age. Face it, everybody travels whether walking, driving or riding. Everybody has to get to and from work, and buy groceries, etc.

Billboards only reach those who are traveling in a certain direction. If when reading a billboard a person misses part of the message, they will have to wait until the next time they travel that direction. By advertising with vehicle graphics, your message travels with you. There is plenty of time for people to notice and read your information. After all, when driving you are looking at what is directly in front of you, to the side or behind you. Billboards are in the sky (or off to the side) not where your eyes are. Why not put your company name, brand and message right where people can see it, using vehicle graphics?Half Wraps vehicle wraps

Look of Your Vehicle

The drawback of a full vehicle wraps has got to be the ability to identify with your vehicle. After all, when you went shopping for your current vehicle did you tell the salesman you are looking for a Ford F150 or did you say, “I want something with the most surface area for my mobile billboard.”
Or consider the following…

So you are gonna pick up some friends for dinner after work. Do you tell them to look for the silver Camry or green advertisement on wheels?

The point being, we identify with the vehicle we drive. There is a certain characteristic about the automobile that is captivating. When you hide all your vehicle behind a large sign for your business, you lose your identity in a way. Granted you quickly take on a new identity.

Half Wraps vehicle wrapsWhat if you could have an attractive advertisement for your business and preserve the look of your car that is uniquely you? Halfwraps, the idea of of using partial wraps can cover as little or as much of your beautiful
vehicle as you want. Our extremely talented art department will make your logo or message pop on your specific automobile without hiding it.


Half Wraps vehicle wrapsMany people think of wraps being expensive. While it can be expensive to have your (full) wrap professionally installed. It takes a lot of skill and equipment to wrap all the contours of your specific vehicle. With this professional skill comes a hefty price. However, when you use smaller stickers for certain panels or locations on your vehicle and not across many, the level of skill needed isn’t as high. With our detailed installation videos, one can learn to install their own halfwrap. Without the skilled labor, the cost is much less.

Inquire about a halfwrap for your vehicle today!

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