Stock Safety Decals

June 30, 2017By Chad Hisey

Digital Printing Allows to Serve Stock Needs of Recycling Equipment Manufacturers

Kewanna Screen Printing produces stock safety decals for those label needs that are not customer specific. These standard stickers are often needed by companies throughout the industry. Traditionally stock products would be screen-printed. Screen printing set up costs spread over a large number of prints, makes printing an individual product small. As a result, the individual cost is minute. Digital technology has came into the picture and revolutionized the printing industry. Due to a large set up cost, screen printing a small quantity is expensive. Hence, spreading these costs over a lesser quantity creates a product with higher cost. However digital printing has minimal set up. Therefore digitally printing a small quantity became cost efficient.

Our most popular screen-printed stock decal (W504F)Previously we kept large numbers of our stock safety decals on the shelf. This makes sense for items we sell tens of thousands of every year, but not for those that sold much less. Vinyl naturally shrinks over time. So after years of sitting on the shelf waiting for orders, those less popular stock would shrink.  In the end you are left with a smaller decal than the backing and adhesive that gums up.

New Technology = New Opportunities

Digital printing allows us to roll out new stock for other industries, because we can print it as we need it. For years, KSP has custom printed labels for the manufacturing industry to label the machinery they sell. For instance those companies who make machinery for recycling.

Wire Recycling Mini-Plant outfitted with custom set of KSP labels. Photo provided by Copper Recovery.

Introducing a webpage that contains specialty stock safety decals particularly for these companies. Because every company and every piece of equipment is unique, there will always be a need for custom labels. With this new webpage we hope to meet some of their needs with less expensive stock. Likewise, we are able to offer more options for cranes. portable restrooms, truck & equipment and solar industries.

Update - 8/13/2021

Digital printing has progressed a long way.  Prices have came down on new machinery and capabilities allow for the use of UV-resistant inks.  That is to say fade resistant inks only available in screen printing previously are now possible with digital printing.  Rather than roll printing, newer equipment can be done on sheets.  This allows us to print some of our more complicated screen jobs with multiple screens digitally.  Thus speeding up production and reducing set up costs.

Machine Starts and Stops Sticker

If you have an idea for new stock products or know of an industry that Kewanna’s durable products would be a good fit, send us an email to


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