Who is Kewanna Screen Printing?

September 16, 2016By Chad Hisey

KSP foundersTo answer this question, we need to go back to our roots. In 1961, Harold and Josephine Hyatt opened Kewanna Safety Products in their barn to meet the need for Slow Moving Vehicle signs as well as flags for farm equipment and Amish buggies. They even made safety vests for construction workers. Early on, KSP made its mark in producing quality products, which still holds true some 50 years later. A few years into operation, KSP was asked to make wide-bodied banners for trailers and printing soon became the dominant product of the company. The company didn’t change its name to Kewanna Screen Printing until 1986.

Today, KSP prints custom and stock items for the Fire Safety, Waste & Recycling, Cylinder Gas, Portable Toilet, Manufacturing and Transportation industries. We ship orders internationally and to all 50 states. While Screen Printing is still in the name, screen printing is only part of what we do. Investment into digital printing has allowed Kewanna Screen Printing to provide both a lower cost option for smaller orders and higher resolution / full color printing. Screen Printing is the tried and true means of printing where a reverse image is burned onto a screen. The screen can then be used over and over to produce multiple copies. This set-up makes printing small quantities more expensive, but larger quantities very affordable as the cost of set-up can be spread over the whole order.

Carol & Howard Hickle, KSP 2nd generationBrad Hickle, KSP 3rd generationFor over fifty years, KSP has been family owned. The business has passed from the founders to their daughter, Carol Hickle and grandson Brad Hickle. Current ownership belongs to Ben Fehrer, the great-grandson of Harold and Josephine. Ben is the son of Carol’s daughter, Christine. Today, Ben lives north of Seattle, WA and manages the company from there with wife Tammy and their children. Ben visits numerous trade shows every year, in the tradition of his great-grandfather Harold. Click here for more information about our company.

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