U205 DANGER Propane Cylinders sticker

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This label is printed on 3.4 mil outdoor vinyl with hi-tack permanent adhesive. A thin layer of clear polyester lamination is adhered to the surface to protect against abrasion.

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Propane Safety

DANGER Propane Cylinders sticker

As a valuable fuel source propane is quite common from the gas grill at home, from forklifts to furnaces, etc.  However, propane is a flammable gas that requires safety measures in order to keep everyone safe.  Gas cylinder storage labels ensure that your cylinders are stored safely. In fact, this Danger Propane Cylinders sticker makes everyone aware of flammability hazards by using a GHS flame symbol.

  • SKU: U205
  • Ink Color: Black and Red
  • Material:  Printed on Outdoor grade White vinyl with hi-tack permanent adhesive and protected by clear polyester lamination.
  • Dimensions: 5 Inches H x 7 Inches W
  • Image: GHS Flames symbol

Other Gas Safety Stickers

In the same vein as this Danger Propane Cylinders sticker, these Gas Safety labels are designed to keep people safe as the GHS flame symbol makes people aware of flammability hazards are present.

Consequently, if you are looking specifically for propane labels, this is the page for you. For instance, you will find small, medium, and large propane labels and no flames with 25 feet or 50 feet.

This sticker uses the GHS flame symbol, we make other GHS symbol labels that you can add to your container to meet required OSHA guidelines.

Do you need a specific shoulder or body label for your gas cylinder?  We do stock some of the most popular cylinder shoulder labels, however, we do customized labels every day.  Contact one of our talented customer service representatives.

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