P122E 3 x 7 Signo de Mujer

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This label is printed on 3.4 mil outdoor vinyl with hi-tack permanent adhesive.

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Portable Restroom Decals

Signo de la Mujer (Women in Spanish)

Looking for a good signo de la mujer that will stick to your restroom and stay where you put it.  Too many times labels peel before you are ready to replace them.  We stock an outdoor grade vinyl with a special permanent hi-tack adhesive that is formulated for use on poly surfaces. In fact, these stickers are so good you want them all over your restrooms.  Good news! We make a variety of restroom decals to meet all of your needs.   

  • SKU: P122E
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Material: Printed on Outdoor grade White vinyl with hi-tack permanent adhesive
  • Dimensions: 3 Inches H x 7 Inches W
  • Text: MUJER

Other Stickers

This decal says women in Spanish. Similar to our signo de la mujer, check out our complete selection of portable restroom decals. For instance service record stickers, handicap stickers and male or female restroom door decals. In addition our fresh water tank and waste water tank decals work great for your pumper truck.

Certainly don’t forget to get signo de hombre.

Are you looking for customized door decals, contact us for a free estimate.

During our nearly sixty years of business, we have built a reputation among several industries.  That reputation of durable products and friendly customer services lives on today. Our experience tells us what works and what does not. We want to make ordering easy, so we have developed customizable all-in-one decals, so you can outfit a single toilet for one price.  We understand your needs as a business, so whether you have a few units or a few hundred.  We have pricing that is right for you including buy in bulk and save.


Additional information

Weight 0.0105 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 7 × 0.01125 in
HTP Vinyl

Outdoor grade vinyl with hi-tack permanent adhesive that is designed specifically for sticking to poly surfaces.


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