REF Silver 3 x 3 ANSI Reflective Squares Silver


This is a 7 mil outdoor reflective vinyl with hi-tack permanent adhesive


ANSI Container Safety Stickers

Silver Reflective Squares

Above all, safety is a top priority! These ANSI Reflective Squares Silver help maintain safety around your waste containers acting as conspicuity stickers. Our ANSI container safety labels ensure the safety of users and bystanders and are considered ‘Best Practice’ in container labeling. As a result, these reflective markers help make your containers visible in dark places and visible in transport. Part of the ANSI Z245.30-2008 standard uses these reflective decals with our ANSI Caution and  Warning stickers.

  • SKU: REFsilver
  • Ink: none
  • Material: Silver Reflective
  • Size: 3 Inches H x 3 Inches W

Other stickers for containers

Looking for Red Reflective Squares or Orange Reflective Squares? These CNG diamonds are also printed on reflective material.

These ANSI reflective squares silver focus on conspicuity, however, don’t forget to check out all of our ANSI Container Safety Labels to find the best fit for your container safety needs. A popular ANSI decal you might want to use along with these conspicuity squares is this Falling Hazard sticker.

Importantly, our Warning and Danger dumpster stickers alert the public of potential hazards. For instance you will find this ANSI Tipping Hazard and Striking Hazard decals in addition to Overhead Wires or Obstructions sticker.

Further, our Caution labels will help to keep things safe. For example warn people of fall hazards and remind them to attach safety chains.

This product is one of our top selling container decals, click the link to find them all.

During our nearly sixty years of business, we have built a reputation with Waste and Recycling companies and container manufacturers. Companies of all sizes rely on our top-quality recycling and trash stickers including waste management stickers of all varieties from safety decals and dumpster stickers to recycling bin labels.  In short, if you are needing a few or want to buy in bulk and save, we have options for you.


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Additional information

Weight0.0063 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × .007 in

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